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The development of STAGESTACK is supported by people who like the idea of a smart and easy-to-handle application for design orientated tasks. Your pledge helps to guarantee the development of this software project. In return you will get an official license.
Minimum Pledge: 25 EUR
Milestone #2
Undo, Redo, Duplicate
Brush Styling
Stroke Styling
Object Styling
Effects on Objects
Object Property Palette
Color Mixer Palette
Settings Dialogs
Milestone #3
Grouping Objects
Paste Inside
Cut, Copy, Paste
Initial Text Support
Inline Text Editing
Casket Text Styling
Typographic Settings
Milestone #4
Text along + inside Path
Path Tools (Combine, etc.)
More Object Styling Options
Loading & Saving
PDF Generation
Freehand Import
Web Export (PNG, etc.)
Installer / Setup